Islamic Finance Survey 2007: Global Practices report

Islamic Finance Survey was ground breaking in that there were no prior attempts to understand the market for Islamic products. We conducted a three months campaign to survey over 800 global executives from 57 countries including those in the world’s top 50 banks, perception of Islamic finance. The results point to one overriding theme. While there are divergences between groups surveyed, which we consider opportunities to be tapped into, there is also underlying unity of thought particularly the perception of Islamic finance as viable alternative investment for muslims and non-muslims alike.  The main finding is that there is no perceived substantial integrational struggle for Islamic finance within global systems and identifies the challenges ahead.

  • Key differentiators among hubs.
  • What do those people surveyed and ‘sitting on the fence’ want.
  • Discrepancies between what the industry is offering and what the Market wants.
  • What challenges need to be tackled as priority.

Orient Consulting Services designed the online survey so that it can be filled within 15 minutes. This was rolled out in the Orient Newsletter, on IFIS and on Orient Consulting website in English, Arabic and French languages and was email shot to Fortune 500 companies and to the Top 100 Arab Banks and Companies. Data was gathered over a period of two months.

The report itself was sold to three clients in Bahrain, Luxembourg and Dubai. A summary of the findings was distributed to participants and published in specialist media outlets in the UK, Asia and the Middle East including Euromoney portal and Al Hayat newspaper.


Datacloud Global Congress, Monaco (2016)

We surveyed key decision makers and influencers from the global IT infrastructure enterprises across key verticals – finance, retail, pharma, cloud, media, telecoms, gaming, healthcare – to identify future trends.