Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement

We identify stakeholders, their interests and preferred platform, how to engage with them and the required organizational structure for doing so.

One example is our mandate to launch a new virtual discursive thinking space. The planning phase was meticulous and comprehensive. The principal stakeholders who would activate and legitimise it are traditional media journalists and other influencers in the intellectual space, for positioning and visibility purposes.

We hence developed a network of writers and active participants in shaping public opinion and invited them to an event to meet the owner of the platform and other potential site participants, by way of establishing trust.

We also produced a tweet up event to help spread the word and included a CEO speech  to deliver  the narrative and main messages also developed. Our program included the screening of a movie selected for this occasion by the director of the London Arab Film Festival director and a Q&A session with her.

The event was attended by some of the most prestigious and relevant stakeholders. Attendees included leading personalities from the Serpentine Gallery, Pilgrim Films, BBC Arabic, Windsor Castle, CAABU, FCO, Chiron Resources, King’s College, Amnesty, Oxfam, Medina Publishing, Goldsmiths University, Cambridge, Open City London, MBC, AJI.