Newsletters are an effective medium to impart expertise and a valuable service to communicate with stakeholders.

We produced a small run of complementary newsletters to keep MENA investors informed. The design of the structure and curation of topics was done with a wide selection of readers in mind.

The focus was to document major shifts that create uncertainties and events that affect the structure of systems and the configurations of power. The purpose is to keep a select time sensitive target group, executives and risk officers,  informed.

The newsletters hence revolved around these topics:

  • Politics: governments, elections, parties, succession, divisions
  • Security: insurgencies, opposition, terrorism, cyber threats
  • Defence treaties
  • Economy: reforms, budgets, spend, vision, rankings
  • Market activity: deals, investments
  • Legislations: regulatory environment, justice & the rule of law, sanctions, lists
  • Projections: future events known (such as summits) and anticipated (such as conflict, trade, diplomacy)
  • Knowledge based economies: innovation, scientific and technological advancements
  • Legal: major arbitrations and litigations
  • Social: cohesion, inclusion, integration, welfare, education, jobs, equality