Content Production

Content is a valuable commodity. We approach content production as we do all our communication work streams methodically to secure it is not just noise but hitting its mark at the intersection of the entity’s expertise, what it wants to achieve, what it wants to share with its stakeholders and what these stakeholders are interested in. There are also other decisions to be made with regards the content form (engagement or just information sharing), platforms for diffusion and tone of voice. We also assist with identifying and creating unique content (what do you have to say, to whom, how, where, why) and identifying how to use it strategically at corporate level and which is tactical or at local level.

One example for illustrative purposes of fostering the creation of valuable content is the PPE Community independent impartial platform created during the pandemic in response for the meed of the medical equipment community.

The PPE Community digital meet up to discuss the challenges of producing, procuring and distributing PPE. Executives and other practitioners from the medical equipment ecosystem share their experiences of operating during the current crisis and benefit from virtual networking.

The meeting kicks off with a short presentation by a professional expert with direct experience of challenges, successes and problems in supplying the market with vital equipment during the pandemic.

Professionals in the healthcare supply sector and others interested to learn about it were also contributing input.

Lina Tayara and Jeremy Fern share their rationale: ‘PPE, generally the poor relation in the immensely diverse healthcare supply world,  has become critically important  in the fight against the spread of Covid 19, needed urgently by health professionals and other key workers. PPE will continue to have a vital ongoing role to play in the wider community – in schools, shops, offices and elsewhere as the battle to reopen the economy gains momentum. We are establishing this virtual PPE community to be a forum for smaller suppliers, to give them a voice and visibility, and to facilitate an effective and genuinely competitive market. to be an effective partner in the wider medical and health sector market. This platform will assist collaboration and competition, bridge knowledge gaps, and help the sector’s voice to be better heard,.

The experiences, challenges and recommendations will be shared with participants, and published with their approval. They are for industry and public benefit.



The key constituency of participants and speakers are made up essentially of health care professionals on the supply side (engaged with NHS PHE). We will seek participants on the demand side in subsequent series. We will also integrate active professionals from the complete supply chain: manufacturing, logistics, procurement, regulatory authorities, media, medical and nursing organisations.


Topics of the webinars are curated as a mix of current issues as well as fundamental (timeless) issues. Each webinar focuses on one main theme, with potential overlap of sub themes with cross sectorial speakers.

– The procurement and distribution system

– Status of the supplier side: from production and procurement to certification and sale. Unpick reported shortages and faulty products

– The problem with masks: N95 v 3M, fake goods and the role of big tech (Amazon &Ebay)

– NHS/PHE procurement process

– The problem of sanitisers: supply of methanol and the role of distilleries

– Manufacturers of PPE (small and medium suppliers) on replenishing and managing stock and the wider opportunities to develop within the sector.

Action plan

  • Concept and plan agreed
  • Write up produced as eflyer for linkedin and email and a smaller version for sharing on whatsapp and Twitter.
  • Promotional material pushed out b via sm, personal emails and whatsapp.