Capacity building programs

We currently offer 3 capacity building programs:

We currently offer 3 capacity building programs:

Communication is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Our program intends to provide businesses with an understanding of the power of communication to become  more effective in developing and deploying content assets.

Communication has been disrupted by social media and big data but also by leading visionaries who understood the power of shifting the emphasis form self to the consumer/the citizen and driving organisations with purpose and data analytics.

Another wave of change in the advent of AI, is the integration of skills and services to drive competitive performance and impact.

It is hence time to glean a more holistic understanding of the communication practice and its multiple disciplines to bolster the dynamic between communicators and stakeholders and effect desired engagement and change.

We designed an expert program covering:

  • An understanding of the communication disciplines and its tools.
  • How to use it strategically to serve objectives and stakeholders, implementation tactics.
  • How to analyse the eco system, define stakeholders and channels to reach them.
  • How to identify your unique value proposition.
  • How to brand as change maker.
  • How to build a compelling narrative.
  • How to produce foundational content and develop communication assets.
  • Defining communication objectives
  • Measuring impact & calibrating strategies
  • Issues and crisis management best practice
  • Operational structure required to deliver communication

Soft skills practiced:

  • Oral & written communication
  • Listening
  • Analytical thinking
  • Team work
  • Self awareness

Hard skills – learn methodologies and best practice processes to:

  • Improve performance and maximize ROI of marcomms spend through insights from  (traditional) research and data analytics.
  • Produce quality content: the scrutiny process to interrogate and challenge write ups
  • Positioning: analysis of ecosystem, benchmarking and deriving value proposition
  • The process and components to produce core content and derive sub comms products
  • Talent pooling: how to leverage a team as a multiplyer by identifying skills pool,  fostering sharing and collaborations
  • Amplifying communication activities to maximise both impact and return on investment
  • Formulating messaging

We adopted the workshop as an effective format to:

  • Consolidate group thinking about what change needs to be effected
  • Bring a range of communication techniques to bear on a problem
  • Foster collaboration, bring stakeholders together and ensure solutions are co owned
  • Make rapid progress towards practical project design
  • Get creative